Prague Apartment Rentals
Prague Apartment Rentals

"Prague is definitely one of most beautiful cities in the world and during the last 15 years also one of the most visited ones."


Originally, it actually used to be 4 independent towns: the Old Town, the New Town (not to be confused, it was new 650 years ago when built), Hradcany (the Prague Castle area) and the Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana).
During your visit to Prague, you should definitely not miss any of these parts of the city.

Today, Prague has around 1.2 million inhabitants. Comparing to its relatively modest population numbers, it is really large: some 500 square kilometers belong to its municipal borders.

The ancient part, however, is quite small and workable- it takes one or two days to all the musts of Prague, despite it would take years to explore it thoroughly.
So, if you are staying 2 weeks or just 2 days, you will leave Prague satisfied and full of new impressions.

Unlike many other historical towns, Prague has not been built in one style only, rich fusion of architectural styles, periods and approaches is characteristic for the Czech capital (formerly capital of the Second Holy Roman Empire with its head, monarch Charles IV residing at the Prague Castle, later seat of the Austrian Monarchy until the 30 years-war had driven the ruling Habsburg family to Vienna in 1620).
Prikopy street at Christmas Time

Statue of StGeorge

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